Stovetop Potpourri

Stovetop Potpourri

Ava Reid

Stove Top potpourri are also known as “ simmering spices”.

They have been used for centuries to fill homes with comforting smells of Herbs, Flowers, Spices and even fruits.

For Autumn we’re infusing our homes with refreshing relaxing goodness, by simmering this Autumn stovetop potpourri recipe. Orange, Anise, Cinnamon Stick make up this warming, spice blend. If you want to give your potpourri blend as a gift, you can just bottle it up in a decorative jar.(Yield: one 14 ounce jar).


1 Sliced Orange 

Tsp Chamomile

½ Cup Anise 

4-6 ( Cinnamon Sticks)


  1. Add the entire mix to a pot cover with water, the simmer on and off for a few days. Turn the heat the heat off anytime the scent becomes overpowering or if you feel your home smells ufficently delightful. After a few hours have passed and the smell has faded, turn the heat back on for a fresh infusion. 

  2. This blend will last 3-4 Days and should be stored in the fridge overnight.

After you've extracted as much of the smell as possible, compost your spent herbs.

if you plan to package it as a Christmas gift, here is how to dry out your fruits and herbs 

How to Dehydrate herbs and fruits

Thinly slice fruits

Bake them at 200 degrees fahrenheit for about 2.5 hours or until the peels are dry and the flesh is translucent 

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