Seasonal Bath Salt

Seasonal Bath Salt

Ava Reid

🌻Seasonal Bath Soak🌻

Everyone has something going on right now, specifically with us being in the middle of chaos. Also, with it getting darker faster, and the days getting shorter and gloomier. 

I wanted to bring a little joy to everyone's homes, with this warm and bright flowers and Herbs bath Soak mixture.


 ❥Choose a salt of your preference (Epsom Salt, Himalayan  Sea Salt, Or Sea Salt) My personal favorite is Himalayan         sea salt
 ❥Calendula flowers
 ❥Rose hips
 ❥Sage or Bay Leaves

If you want to make this into a spiritual bath.  Let the mixture sit with some Rose quartz and citrine (or your favorite stones)  to charge.

Also, If you’re worried about the herbs getting cough in the drain, you can use a cheesecloth, coffee filter or muslin and make sure you tie it up.



This is not intended to replace therapy or medication, please check with your physician.


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