Stovetop Potpourri

Ava Reid
For Autumn we’re infusing our homes with refreshing relaxing goodness, by simmering this Autumn stovetop potpourri recipe. Orange, Chamomile

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Summer Bath Tea

Ava Reid

Is it just me or every time summer comes around the sun tends to dehydrate and burn my skin and I struggle too find good options to add hydration without adding too much oils! cause sunscreen and additional oils can be too much harm than good. 

Other than adding an hydrating day cream with SPF 40, I relax in a warm bath of some essential goodness that help in adding nutrients, hydration and makes my skin silky smooth. 

Soo I added the recipe for you to try at home <3



1 Cup Dead Sea Salt or Epsom Salt

1 Tbsp Rose (rosa spp.) hip

1 Tbsp Chamomile ( Matricaria Chamillia) flower

2 Tbsp lemon Peel ( Fresh or Dried)

2 Tbsp Orange Peel ( Fresh or Dried)

2 Tbsp lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) aerial parts (optional)


To make a bath tea, fill a reusable muslin or a cheesecloth and tie it with a string or elastic. up to 2 Tablespoon of your Summer bath tea. Hang the bath tea bag from the faucet while the bathtub is filled with water. Let the water filter through the tea first or tightly close the bag and steep in warm bath water, allowing it to float in the water beside you. Don’t have a tub? You can also fill a sink or bowl to enjoy this recipe as a foot or hand soak

Sit back & Relax with these aromatic benefits of herbs and citrus.

 After your bath, Throw out the herbs from the bag and hang to dry until your next bath

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Candle Care: Trim your wick

Ava Reid

Wondering why your candle flame is really tall?, emitting black smoke?, your wax seems to be burning really fast ? or the top of your wick has a mushroom top after burning? Or adding black stuff to your wax?

Most likely it's because you forgot to trim your wick!

You should always trim your wick after or before every burn, Also keeping the wick trimmer to ¼ inch at all times.  You should never burn your candle for longer than 4 hours, you should extinguish the flame and let the candle come to room temperature, and trim your wick before relighting. 

I personally trim my wick before lighting my candle. I use a slanted Scissors or you can use a wick trimmer. This special tool is perfect in helping you trim your wick to the appropriate length with a clean cut. I wouldn't advise using your fingers to pluck off the mushroom top, because you might pluck your wick off too close to the wax. Possibly making it hard to relight again.

Also a really important reason as to why wick trimming is important is that when you relight your candle and you didn't trim your wick off not only does it let off soothe and burns your wax, adding the burnt parts to your beautiful wax or causing your wick to curl and possibly starting a fire/ hazard.


Don't forget the importance of trimming your wicks !

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Benefits of Candles

Ava Reid

A candle is so much more than a piece of décor, A candle can be used in various other ways. Candles emit scents that create specific feelings in the mind and body, that's why it's used a lot in the aromatherapy practice. Have you ever felt how much different you feel when you light a candle and just relax.


Creates ambiance.

Calms the mind

Improves mood

Stimulates memory

Support relaxation

Creates motivation & Routine


Candles transform an atmosphere through scent, and help by changing the way we feel in a space. Lighting a candle for meditation,a bath, dinner or any other intention is a amazing practice for setting an ambiance anywhere. 

Candles for depression and anxiety are becoming more popular. Using different floral, herbal and woodsy aromas can be extremely useful for the treatment of psychology.

♡ Scented candles can induce calm and relaxation, by getting rid of stress and anxiety. Our candles are crafted specifically to activate chemicals in the brain, like serotonin and dopamine, to support a positive mood.

Some scents can stimulate our memory and emotions. Scent, emotion and memory are inexplicably intertwined, according to psychologists.


♡ Candles have a positive impact on mental health, burning candles can become a personal ritual to commit to reflection and relaxation, also great to burn while reading, journaling, doing yoga, cleaning and other relaxation activities.




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Seasonal Bath Salt

Ava Reid

🌻Seasonal Bath Salts🌻

adding a little joy to everyone's homes, with this warm and bright flowers and Herbs bath salt mixture.

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